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Odisha Child Rights Commission- A proven Trojan Horse

Odisha Child Rights Commission- A proven Trojan Horse

·        A  Commission  which  is empowered to protect rights of the children, has masterminded to destroy academic career of a Child by establishing   unholy alliance with Private English Medium School
·        The Civil Society Groups and Activists should be aware of the heinous activity of  the members of Child Rights Commission.
·        Though a Child is waiting to get justice, the  case is hanging in the Commission.
·        The Commission is neither disposing the case nor passing any order.

Dear friends

Srikant Auropratik, son of Prakash Ch. Nayak  and Mrs. Amita Subhada ( M-8763790311) , a Class-9 student  was physically tortured, humiliated  and mentally harassed ( scolding and misbehaving) by the authority of  Takshashila Model School, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar   and suddenly dropped  to  Class-VIII in the middle of the year  on the ground of bad performance. When the parents asked for Progress Report    of the child,  the authority of the school  continued to ignore their request  till yet. The parents were also threatened to take back to other schools without citing any ground. Though the parents  appraised  the authority  that “no school was ready to take student in mid-session as CBSE registration has completed”, the authority remained adamant  and asked  the parents to take the children back.  Ultimately,  Srikant  Auropratik  was humiliated and suffered from mental depression   and forced to leave the school on 29.10.15.

Then, on 2nd Nov.15, the parents filed the petition before Secretary, School & Mass Education, Govt. of Odisha  on Grievance day and explained the harassment and handed over the petitions and the documents. The Secretary immediately issued order to Director, secondary Education and Director, Elementary Education for necessary action so that child is not dropped out.  But astonishingly, after one month, the Director, Elementary Education ordered enquiry into the matter and directed DEO, Khurda and BEO, Bhubaneswar to look into the matter and report back within 7 days. (GRC Application No: 269/2850/15, DEO. Khurda letter No: 21125 dated 4th December, 2015).  On 13.1.16, the Assistant Block Education Officer introducing him as Inquiry Officer made  a call  to the parents  and sought the information.  Though three months passed, no step has been taken by the administration to get the child admitted in the school. 

 Then, on 3.11.15, the Parents approached the Odisha Child Rights Commission by filling complaints levelling details of allegation, mental torture, harassment caused to their son    and seeking quick justice for their child. Ms. Rajalaxmi Das, Member, OSCPCR   registered  the case ( Case No.-810/15 )  on 4.11.15 and initiated the enquiry.  The details of enquiry is  as follows.

a.    On 12.11.15, the  Commission  heard   from the Child  and father ,but  did not  allow the Mother  to be heard, though she was involved  in the case  and victim  of the rough behaviour of the authority of the school.

b.    After around one month on 10.12.15, the two-member Commission heard the case inviting both the parties. Interestingly, the Commission did not allow the representative of the petitioner to plead their case, in spite of several requests.

c.    On 16.12.15, the Commission again issued notice for hearing of the case.  The petitioners approached the Commission to allow their representative to plead the case. While the Commission turned down the request of the petitioner, but allowed the representative of the School Authority.   The Case was heard and nothing happened.

d.    The Commission verbally told the parents that the case to be heard on 28th Dec.15. But the hearing was abruptly postponed and no communication was made to the petitioner.

e.      Till yet,  the Commission  has neither issued any interim order nor  any final decision  of the case. The parents are still waiting to get justice.

f.     Though the parents requested the Commission to give them the proceedings of the hearing, it was denied to them.

g.    The Commission is hanging the case  without giving any final decision.

It is proved that  the  members of  the Child Rights Commission  are acting  as agent of Private Schools at the cost of the interest of the child.

Pradip Pradhan

Date- 14.2.16 

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