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Incompetency and Inefficiency of Odisha Information Commission exposed

Incompetency and Inefficiency of Odisha Information Commission leading to huge pendency of more than 6000 cases in Commission, exposed through RTI

· Each Odisha Information Commissioner receives salary Rs. 1,92,000.00 per month except other facilities like accommodation, vehicle, telephone availed free of cost.

·  If it is roughly calculated, we spent Rs. 2.5 lakh per month for each Information Commissioner in Odisha.

· We pay Rs.12,000.00 per day of hearing of Case by Odisha Information Commissioner

· Each Information Commissioner devotes only 15 days in a month for hearing the case.

·  Only 9 no. of cases heard by each  Information Commissioner per day

· Only 7 no. of cases disposed  by each  Information Commissioner  per month

· Total no. of 6000 cases pending in the Commission.

· There will be delay of minimum 2 years for hearing and disposal of a Case. For example, if a case is filed in 2016, it will be heard in 2018 or 2019 .

· To get correct information in right time is distant dream for the Citizens.

· Odisha Information Commission has been reduced to mockery.  
Dear friends

When two new Information Commissioners  got appointed in June 2015 by State Govt. without following  transparent procedure, it was suggested by friends and supporters  that  the functioning of these  Information Commissioners should be silently observed without  raising any issues  in public domain. We patiently observed their functioning of 7 months and started monitoring their activities through RTI.  The information about functioning of the Information Commission provided by the PIO is  as follows.

1.    Two State Information Commissioners namely Sri Laxminarayan Pattanaik and Ms. Sashiprava Bindhani have joined  in the Commission  as State Information Commissioner on 16.6.15.

2.    But they started their case hearing  on 22.6.15

3.    Within 7 months ( June to Dec.15),  both the Information commissioners have received each Rs. 12.50 lakh ( Ms. Sashi Bindhani receives salary Rs. 1,92,000.00 per month).

4.    No. of days devoted for hearing  by both the Information Commissioners
Total no. of days devoted  by Ms. Sashi Bindhani for hearing within 7 months
Average No. of days devoted by Ms. Bidhani, SIC  for hearing per month
16 days only
Amount paid from State Exchequer to Ms. Bindhani per day hearing
Total no. of days devoted  by Sri L.N. Pattanaik,SIC for hearing within 7 months
Average No. of days devoted by Sri L.N. Pattanaik for hearing per month
Amount paid from State Exchequer to Sri Pattanaik  per day hearing

5.      No. of cases heard by both the Information Commissioners
No. of cases ( Second Appeal  and Complaint Case )  heard by  Both the Information Commissioners  in division bench  within 7 months
No. of cases ( Second Appeal  and Complaint Case )  heard by   Ms. Sashi Bindhani,SIC   in single  bench  within 7 months
No. of cases ( Second Appeal  and Complaint Case )  heard by   Sri L.N. Pattanaik, SIC  in single  bench  within 7 months
Total  No. of Cases heard by the Commissionwithin 7 months
No. of cases heard per month by  single Information Commissioner 
No. of cases heard per day by a single Information Commissioner (112 / 14 days devoted for hearing )

6.      No. of Cases disposed  by both the  Information Commissioners within 7 months 

No. of Cases ( Second Appeal and Complaint Case ) disposed by both the Information Commissioners  in Division Bench from June toDec.15
No. of cases disposed by Ms. Sashiprava Bindhani, SIC within 7 months
No. of cases disposed by Sri L.N. Pattanaik, SICwithin 7 months
Total cases disposed
No. of Cases disposed  by single Information Commissioner  within 7 months
No. of  cases disposed  by single Information Commissioner per month 
No. of cases  disposed  by  single Information Commissioner per day ( 14 days devoted for hearing in a month) 

7.      There are 725 Complaint Cases and 5249 Second Appeals pending  in the Commission till December, 2015

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 9.2.16

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