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False Propoganda about seizure of Dal by Govt. of Odisha

Propaganda in Mass Media about Seizure of huge quantity of Dal from Black-marketers by the officials of Govt. of Odisha is false and sheer deception.

In view of the price rise  in Dal in  the month of  August,  September  and October’15,   the officials of  Food Supply  and Consumer Welfare  Department  were  found conducting raid  and   seizing  huge quantity of Dal  from   Black-marketer  and  the  whole-sellers  involved  in hoarding in different locations of the state. Mass Media  highlighted  this news.  The  common people  and  the  consumers  got  delighted  and thanked Govt. for  this exercise.  However, the  sky rocketing price of Dal remained  same and the Consumers  still  continue  to suffer. Dal is hardly  found in poor man’s food menu.  During  that time  nobody  has also  raised  question  about status of seizure of Dal, Action Taken  against the hoarders  etc. 

To explore it, RTI Application  dated 29.10.15 was submitted to the PIO, Dept. of Food Supply  and Consumer Welfare , Govt. of Odisha  seeking  information about  details of quantity of Dal seized by State Govt. from different areas in the state,  date of Dal being seized
its  present status.  If the seized dal  is sold in the market, what was the price fixed. Name of the agency or the individual  given the seized Dal  for sale. 

On 2.11.15, my RTI Application was forwarded to the PIO, In-charge of Enforcement Section, Department of Food Supply and Consumer Welfare to provide the information directly to the applicant. It needs to be mentioned here that as per section 7(1) of the RTI Act, the PIO is required to supply the information within 30 days.  

Finding no response   from the PIO and considering it as denial of information, First appeal was filed to the First Appellate Authority (FAA)   on 28.12.15 to hear the case and direct the PIO to supply the information free of cost.  Though one month passed, the FAA has not yet disposed the case. 

It is proved that the PIO is not supplying the information because it is not available in the Dept.  The exercise conducted by the officials of the Dept was eye-wash exercise and designed to deceive the people. 

This is the true character of the State Government. 

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 6.2.16

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