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Denial of Education of the children in Private Schools in Odisha

Denial of Education, Physical Harassment and Mental Torture to the Children in Private Schools Sai International school and Takshila School located in Bhubaneswar

Private Schools are mushrooming across the state due to deterioration in quality education in Govt. runs Primary schools in Odisha. Though costly, many parents are seen forced to send their children to these so-called English-medium Private Schools.  While visiting many Govt. schools in remote tribal pockets of the state as part of my Citizen monitoring visits, the admission of the children  in Govt. Primary schools are also reducing every year and the parents are sending their children to Saraswati Sishu Mandir, Bibekananda Sikhya Kendra, Aurobindo Shikhya Kendra etc. The increasing dependency of the parents in Private Schools for the education of their children has provided golden opportunity to the  private school mafias to exercise their monopoly  and exploitation by demanding exorbitant price, forcing the parents to agree their illegal and illegitimate demands, mentally harassing the children, in case of any complaints from the parents etc. It has become common practice in high-profile English Medium Schools situated in Bhubaneswar, capital city of Odisha. Many times, the parents do not prefer to lodge complaints against the authority of these schools apprehending that the authority may torture their children in the school.

I present herewith two cases of violation of Rights of the Children in two prominent schools like Sai International school and Taksashila School (Bhubaneswar Model Public School) located in Bhubaneswar.

1.  Srikant Auropratik, S/o- Sri Prakash Nayak, formerly UN Employee, Nepal (M-8763790311), a 9th class student of Takshila School (Bhubaeswar Model Public School) located at Plot No.- N5/A, 1697, IRC village, Bhubaneswar was denied to continue in Class-IX since  on the ground of poor attendance and low performance after Puja Vacation.  On 28.10,2015, the Authority intimated the parents that the Child would be sent back to Class-VIII. Sri Auropratik was admitted in the school in 2013.  As reported by him, he had been Physially and mentally tortured by the school teachers several times due to the reasons best known to them. However, the parents objected to the decision of the authority of the School and requested them to allow their child to continue in the school. But the Authority remained adamant and the  school education of the child  has been discontinued. In their pursuit to get justice, the parents  have  filed complaint to OSCPCR ( Odisha State Commission for Protection of Child Rights), Bhubaneswar on 9.11.15  stating that as the school does not have permission  from CBSE  for Class-IX, the authority is playing  mischief and not allowing  the students  to study in Class-IX. This has happened to another Studet- Suhismita Nayak of the same lass, she is also disontiued comig to class (Tel: daughter of Saraswati Nayak, 0674-2560277).
2.  Parent of Srikat have also made some serious allegations  against the authority that  due to lack of permission from CBSE, the students of the schools are  asked to give examination in the name of  other schools. The affiliation of the School has been lapsed  since March 2015. All the teachers are indulged in collection of unlawful gratification ( materials, kind) from the students. Also the school has not applied for or obtained” No Objection certificate” ( NOC) from the School and Mass Education Department, Government of Odisha, under RTE. or  “As we never  give anything except Greetings Card on Teachers’ Day, we have been victim of wrath of the teachers”, they alleged. Three teachers, particularly Ms Zonkhana Aand, Ms Meetho Mitra and Ms Shaun Mitra have been passing lewd remark on nationality of parents and physically and mentally harassing for last one ad half year. Realising gravity of the case, Ms. Rajalaxmi Das, Member of OSCPCR has taken the cognizance of the case and issued show cause notice to the authority of  Takshila School for filling response within 7 days.
3.  Sri  Pramod Kumar Das ( M- 9439863163), a dalit father of Sri Om Prasad Das, a student of Class-III of Sai International School, Patia, Bhubaneswar has filed a complaint on 19.9.15 to OSCPCR that the school authority  is not allowing his children  to attend the school.  His child had taken admission on reserved  category of weaker section  as defined under Right to Education Act. As his child is entitled to get education free of cost in the school,  the  school authority,  since admission has been pressuring him  to pay the fees  and demanding huge money  which is unbearable  on his part to pay it. As he could not make payment,  the authority did  not allow  his children to continue  in the school. His school education has been discontinued since last two months. Realising the nature and gravity of complaint and loss of education of the child, the OSCPR registered the case No. 770/OSCPCR dated 4.11.15 and issued direction to the school authority to immediately admit the   child in the school and comply it by 7.11.15. As reported by the parents, the Child was admitted   in the class by  the school authority.

Critical Comments
1. As the Private Schools are harassing the parents and children by demanding illegal exorbitant price,  it is high time to put pressure on Govt.  to constitute  a Private School Regulatory  Body  to  monitor and regulate  all Private  Schools  operating in Odisha.
2. Child Rights Activists of the state should continue  to monitor the cases of violation of child rights under RTE especially in Private Schools.

Pradip Pradhan, M-9937843482
Date- 13.11.15

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