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Clarification regarding Swami Shankaranand Giri issue on Z Kalinga

  Clarification and Demolishing Confusion about fraud and forgery of Swami Shankaranand Giri, President of Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust and News telecast by Z Kalinga

It got too late to respond  to the queries, allegations and counter opinions given  by readers   following my appeal  for participation  in the  Emergency Meeting of Civil Society Groups on Attack on Media organized  at Red Cross Bhawan on 5.9.15 at 10 am.

The meeting was held with participation of around 35 members of Civil Society Groups, advocates and Social Activists at Red Cross Bhawan on 5.9.15. The members interacted about the details of the issues, fraud and forgery of Swami Shankaranand and attempt of vested Groups to demoralize Satya Prakash Nayak.   It was decided to file a petition to Deputy Commissioner of Police, Bhubaneswar to enquire into detailed of allegation made against Swami Shankaranand and organize demonstration expressing solidarity with Satya Prakash Nayak, Z Kalinga and upholding Freedom of Press. Accordingly, FIR was lodged   against Swami Shankaranand  in Saheed Nagar  on 5.9.15 at 2 PM  and  a 15-member delegation  met Deputy Commissioner of Police  and submitted  petition protesting immediate lodging of an FIR  against Satya Prakash Nayak  without preliminary enquiry and  requested  him   to conduct enquiry into allegations against Shankaranand.    

Mass Demonstration expressing solidarity with Satya Prakash Nayak  and protesting against Govt. for curtailing freedom of press  was held at lower PMG with participation of  hundreds of journalists, Activists, academicians, teachers etc.

Expressing their reaction on my appeal for solidarity with Satya Prakash Nayak, the Readers have given their opinion that the news broadcast on allegations made against Swami Shakaranand  Giri is false. As I along with my Activists friends are quite active in exposing   illegal land grabbing  by Ministers, MLAs, IAS and IPS officers and fraud Babas  since last few years,  we  took it  as challenge  and constituted  a fact-finding team  to enquire into details of forgery of land documents and land illegally grabbed  by Shankarananda.   while going through the documents  obtained through RTI, it was found that  there was a Land Lease-Deed agreement  signed  between Sri K.C. Das, Secretary, Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust, Kriya Yoga Ashram, Bhubaneswar , District-Khurda  and Swami Shankaranada Giri, President, Prabhujee English Medium School, V.S.S. Nagar, Bhubaneswar, Dist-Khurda  in 2001  in the office of District Sub-Registrar, Bhubaneswar.  As per Lease Agreement,    Sri K.C. Das, Secretary, Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust has handed over a portion of its land measuring 3 Ac on lease basis to Swami Shankaranand Giri to run Prabhujee English Medium School.  The Schedule of the property of the land is Hal Plot No- 5168/5169 under   Mouza- Gadakana of  Bhubaneswar Tehsil. The location of the land  is  East- Hospital and Ashram Main Gate, West-  Ashram Land, North- Ashram road and Building , South-  Institute of Hotel Management.
On 8th and 9th Sept. 15, the Team visited Gadakana and Ragamatia village and met the owner of the land ( Hal Plot No- 5168/5169) and enquired   to know the details of the land  and its location.  It  was found that  the owner of  Hal Plot No 5168 ( Khata No-875) is Sri Giridhari Bhoi, Gokul Bhoi of  Surath Bhoi, Father of Gadakana Mouza. The owner of Hal Plot. 5169( Khata No.-707)  is Sri Keshab Das of Rangamatia village. Both these lands are located far away from Prabhujee English Medium School. So, Swami Shankaranand  has produced forged document to CBSE ( Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi) to get affiliation of the school.  While looking at land records of Department of General Administration,  It  was also  found that  the said  school is situated  on the land  of  General Administration of Govt. of Odisha  which has been  encroached  and illegally  occupied  by Swami Shankaranand since long. Interestingly, due to nexus of Swami Shankaranand with corrupt bureaucracy, the State Govt.  has not taken any step to recover the encroached land.  On 9.9.15, we filed a complaint petition to CBSE, New Delhi through Regional office, at Alok Bharati Building, Bhubaneswar and FIR was also lodged in Saheed Nagar Police station against Shankaranad to initiate criminal proceeding against him.
While going through another document obtained from office of Inspector General of Registration, Cuttack, it was found that Swami Shakaranand Giri is no more president of Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust as per order of IGR dated 27.4.2002. In 1998, the Founder-president of Kriya Yoga Foundation Trust Swami Hariharananda Giri had written a letter to IGR, Cuttack appraising anti-social, criminal and illegal activities of Swami Shankaranand and intimated his order of removal of Shakaranand and other members from Trust. 

Other allegation about his forgery and illegal activities will be exposed very soon. So, the news telecast in Z Kalinga is based on FACT. If anybody has guts to challenge the abovementioned fact, please come out with fact and figures.

Let us come to other issues raised by the readers of the group and my response to it. In democracy, everybody has right to speak, write and give their opinion in public domain on any issue and we must respect it.  Similarly, a news channel or news paper has also right which is termed as Freedom of Press to disseminate or telecast any news on their wish. Similarly, they have also right to choose or judge whom they will invite to their press and take opinion or reject anybody.  Public opinion hardly matters. If someone’s opinion, views or comments hamper anybody’s dignity or privacy, he or she is legally empowered to file defamation suit or take any legal action against the person concerned.  For example, Odisha Information  Commission  has filed  defamation case against me in Civil Court , Bhubaneswar for my criticism to their  anti-RTI functioning. The case is yet to be disposed of. Similarly, if anybody feels anything wrong in media, they can file a complaint to Press Council of India, New Delhi or follow legal procedure against it. Many times, the affected parties i.e, State Govt. with acrimonious attitude tried to control media or individual activists working to expose misdeeds of the administration by putting baseless and false charges . Many journalists and Human Rights Activists have been victim of the State sponsored Attack in Odisha since last few years.  

 We have to accept the greater role played by media in terms of sensitizing the people about various issues in our state more particularly exposing fraud Babas since last one month. Though the Rationalists Groups have been working hard to sensitize the people against fraud Babas and their so-called Prabachana, art of mesmerizing the illiterate poor people since many years, they were found hardly successful in their effort to refrain the people from visiting Ashrams.  But the media succeeded alerting the people about fraud Babas within very short span of time.  

It is also fact that the media is also controlled by corporate sectors. A corporate house or any individual establishing Printing Press or Electronics media has their own business agenda. Within their own framework, we have to find out the space where we can raise our issues of the public importance. Each media has their own issues of priority and public imprtance. Flat allegation against any press without understanding about politics of media house is meaningless and just throwing stone at mountain. As media houses get controlled by corporate dalas day by day, the news about public issue gets less importance and space for highlighting public cause gets squeezed. That’s why the activists and concerned citizens have started using social media to fight for cause of the people.  Blaming this media or  that media with personal vendetta  will no way solve any problem  of the state.

Pradip Pradhan, M-9937843482
Date- 13.9.15 

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  1. Shankarananda Baba (SB) was a disciple of Swami Hariharananda (SH) from Karar Ashram, Puri. I knew them both in the 80's. SH used to come in the west to give yoga programs ; when becoming old, SH used to come with SB to help him. But soon some trouble start between them. That was around 1985. What happens exactly is difficult to say. Probably BS wanted to start his own carreer , and not be only N°2 man. They stop to travel and teach together, SH travelling abroad mainly in USA, and SB coming regularly, alone , in Europe. SB was a good and powerful yogi, and people who came to take diksha was mainly satisfied, as he was very able to manipulate prana in the body of disciples and magnetize them, inducing altered states of mind. I can testify also he discretly tried to cheat people, by selling astrological rings, for which gold was asked in quite good amount, and not fully put in the ring. Also he tried to sall false 1 mukhi rudraksha for big amount. This was done secretly, in private meetings only. At that time, I think it was in 1987, I went in Puri Karar Ashram , where Swami Hariharananda held annual meeting with all his disciples ans swamis. Of course BS didn't attend. SH clearly and directly told me that SB is a very bad person, who is no more allowed to teach kriya yoga in his name, that he his smuggling with gold, money, and involved in unclear business. Also he was to reveal SB was no longer a pure sanyasi as he was sleeping with a lady, srimati Sudhama. At that time SB was head of the then Hariharananda English Medium School, but after he changes the name as Prabhujee English Medium School. In his yoga teaching SB remove all reference to Swami Hariharananda and in place promote Prabhujee as his guru. That is what I saw myself, back in the 1985-1990. I read that Sudhama was expelled from the Ashram bt BS, charged of misuse of funds, I suggest journalists turn toward her to learn more about SB. She was , as well as all her family , the first and foremost disciples and donators of SB, and as said she was his "muse" and Vice -president of the trust. She knows all and everything.

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