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Functioning of office of Advocate General of Odisha

Functioning of office of Advocate General of Odisha
(Exposed under RTI)

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The Constitution of India provides for the appointment of an Advocate- General for each state of Indian Union. He is the first law officer of the state. As per article 165 of Indian constitution, The Governor shall appoint a person who is qualified to be appointed   a judge of High Court to be Advocate-General of the state. It is the duty of Advocate General to give advice  to the State Government  upon such legal matters and to perform such other duties of a legal character to be assigned  to him.

To monitor functioning  of  Advocate General, his performance , remuneration, other perks received,  RTI application  dt. 26.5.17 was filed to the PIO, Dept. of Law, Govt. Odisha which was transferred  to the PIO, office of Advocate General,  Cuttack to supply the information. The information sought for  as follows.

 i.  Details of  joining of  Surya Prasad Mishra as  advocate General of Odisha 
ii.  Details of salary and other allowances received  by him since his joining to May 2017 ( Year-wise).
iii. Details of travel allowances received  by him  (year –wise).
iv. Details of Cases in which he has appeared  in High  Court and Supreme Court and other tribunals.
v.  Details of fees received by him  from  various Govt. and Non-Govt. organisations/ Private bodies  while  pleading  cases on their behalf including case no. and name of court and tribunal.
vi.  About act/ Rules or notification, if any who authorizes  Advocate General to plead   case for a private organization. 

On 10.7.17, the PIO has supplied the following information

1.       Sri Surya Prasad Mishra assumes the charges of the office of the Advocate General on 22.10.2014.
2.       Total Retainer drawn by Sri Surya Prasad Mishra, Advocate General is as follows.
Amount received (in Rs.)
Oct.14 to Feb. 2015
Rs. 25,000/- per month
March, 2015 to Feb. 2016
March 16 to Feb. 17
From Aug, 16, it increased to Rs. 50,000.00 per month
March to May, 2017

3.    Details of Travel Allowances  received by Advocate General  as follows
Sri Mishra has received  travel allowances  while   visiting New Delhi  and  Kolkatta frequently
Places visited
Amount ( in Rs.)
New Delhi ( 5 times)
New Delhi ( 5 times)
Kolkatta ( 8 times)
Kolakatta ( 9 times)
New Delhi ( 9 times)
4.       Details of  Bill of fees drawn by  Sri Surya Prasad Mishra, Advocate General for fighting various  cases  in High Court, Supreme Court and Tribunals.  ( Though information   about Case No. was sought for which the Advocate General has taken fees, the PIO  has  deliberately kept this information secret. The First appeal has been filed  to get the information  under section 19(1) of the RTI Act)
Amount received
While  fight  a case  in SC, AG has received  Rs. 64,000.00 on 14.12.14. The PIO  has  not provided the case No.
 In a single case fighting  in SC, AG has  received  Rs. 10,52,000.00 on 2.7.15
In another  case in SC, AG has received Rs. 14, 68,000.00  on 2.8.15 ( The PIO  has kept secret  the  Case No.)
While fighting a case in SC, AG has received Rs. 11,52,000.00 on 7.10.16
In another case dt. AG has received Rs. 11,48,000.00
In another case dt. 3.2.17, AG received 14,08,000.00 and on 6.2.17, AG received Rs. 14,08,000.00
2017-18 ( From March to May)

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 13.7.17

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