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Anti-Corruption Campaign in Odisha”- What for

  “Week-long Anti-Corruption Campaign in Odisha”- What for

Right to Information Act which came into force from 12th October 2005 has   mandated to enforce transparent and accountable governance system in the country.  Within 11 years of its implementation, it has been recognised    as biggest tool in hand of the common people to fight out corruption and irregularities in the administration.  It has also helped in improving governance system, making it transparent and ensuring participation of the people in decision-making process. As per RAAG study, a national study undertaken on RTI, around 80 percentage of the RTI-Users i.e., Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, Minority Community are using RTI for redressal of their grievances and to access their entitlements.

In Odisha,  Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan, a state-level  forum  of RTI Activists and Civil Society Groups  have been spearheading campaign  for effective implementation of RTI Act. But it is needless to say that   Use of RTI has still remained confined to educated middle class. However, during decade-long campaign,  RTI Activists  have succeeded  in not only  exposing  huge corruption and irregularities in mining, land  scam  and many other  scams but also  popularising  the law  at different  level  through organising series of campaign, training, seminar and symposium etc.  In few remote areas,  the  common  people  are also using  the Act  to  access their  entitlements  and  exposing  corruption, misappropriation of fund  in NREGS  work,  denial  of   house  under Biju Puca Yojana, IAY, black-marketing  of food items under MDM, IDS etc.    In contrast to Campaign,  the Govt.,  has tried  its best  to dilute RTI Act  and  made it inoperative through framing anti-people Odisha RTI Rules,2015 and appointing   disgruntled, useless  Odisha Information Commissioners in the state.     However, massive  campaign  of RTI Activists and  their  dedication  to  enforce  the law  has kept  RTI  alive  in the state.


To make RTI Reach out at down-trodden masses i.e., dalits, minorities, tribals, OSAA has devised strategy to organise  seven-day  Campaign   in every  district  headquarter to  sensitise  the  people  about RTI, procedure  to be followed  to  submit RTI Application, appeal  and  complaint to  Commission.  As  hundreds  of the  people  of different section of  society  mostly  the poor common people come  to  district headquarter   to get their  grievance redressed,   RTI  Camp/ Stall  will be put  in prominent  place to  provide instant  service  to the  people  to acess information  and fight out corruption.  The Team  will also receive  complaints  of  corruption  from the  people  and file at appropriate  authority  for  enquiry  and  action.  Besides  that signature campaign   demanding CBI inquiry into Mining Scam, Land Scam, amendment of Odisha RTI Rules, constitution of Lokayukta at State and   immediate notification  for constitution of Lokpal at centre and implementation of Whistle-blower Protection Act in the country. 

Details of proposed Activities
1.      Prior to  seven days  of the programme,  5000 to 10,000  leaflet  will be distributed  in each  district  to senitise  the  people  about  the proposed  campaign  from 1st  to 7th April, 2017.
2.      RTI Stall will be installed in prominent place of district headquarter with display of banner, poster.
3.      Memorandum demanding CBI inquiry into land scam and mining scam will be put in place for signature campaign.
4.      Memorandum demanding constitution of Lokpal at Centre and Lokayukta in Odisha will be put in place  for signature of the public.
5.      RTI Application Form, Appeal Form will be kept  in place  for  distribution  among  the  people free of cost.
6.      Myke campaign will also be organised.
7.      Inspection of the documents proactively disclosed under  section 4 (1b) of the RTI Act  will be conducted in different offices by RTI Activists/ volunteers.
8.      Booklet on RTI, Land Scam will be available in the stall for sale .
9.      News Letter “Soohana Adhikar” will be put in place  and Annual Subscription will be invited.
10.  Trained volunteers will be kept alert  to provide instant service  to the  people.
11.  Media will be mobilised to  telecast the news  of the programme.
12.  Seminar, Symposium and Mass Rally will be organised highlighting corruption issues, maladministration etc.

Results expected
1.      10000 RTI will be filed across the state.
2.      100 Govt. offices will be visited and documents inspected.
3.      1000 members will be enrolled for Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan
4.      10000 signature   will be collected  in support of demand  for CBI inquiry into mining and Land Scam.
5.       10000 signature   will be collected  in support of demand  for constitution of Lokpal  at centre and Lokayukta in the state.,
6.     Massive public opinion  will be generated to enforce transparency in administration and demand for CBI inquiry into mining scam and land scam. 

Pradip Pradhan
State Convener
Odisha Soochana Adhikar Abhijan


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