रविवार, 11 सितंबर 2016

Mass Demonstration in front of Odisha Vidhansabha demanding withdrawal of Notification on State Vigilance

Open Invitation for Joining in Mass Demonstration in front of Odisha Vidhansabha demanding withdrawal of Notification made to keep State Vigilance out of purview of RTI Act and Dismissal of Odisha Information Commission 

Dear friends

RTI Act which  has mandate  to  enforce transparency  and accountability  in the administration  has empowered the citizens to access the information held  by the Public Authorities. But the sunshine law  is  facing  bleak  future in Odisha  due to  nexus of  corrupt  bureaucracy  and  Odisha Information Commission. Since last eleven years, Nabin Patnaik Govt.  have tried their best  to  destroy RTI Act  by adopting  numerous  illegal and  fraudulent  means like prescribing  illegal  and absurd RTI Rules, making  on-line application system inoperative, illegal provision  for  submission of proof of citizenship for RTI Applicants,  dysfunctional  of proactive disclosure of information under section 4(1b) by all the public  authorities, illegally  collecting  fees for information from BPL people ( it has been withdrawn after  High Court order), appointing useless and inefficient people as Information Commissioners etc.  The last retrograde step  to destroy RTI in Odisha is to keep State Vigilance out of purview of RTI Act.  It is a dangerous move to provide protection to corrupt people and keep the people in dark about activities of State Vigilance.

The performance of Odisha Information Commission is equally dismal and discouraging.  The information obtained  under RTI Act  about one year activity of both the State Information Commissioners  shows  how they are inefficient,  useless and worthless to function as quasi-judicial body i.e.,  Odisha Information Commission. Taking monthly salary and other allowances of more than 2 lakhs, they just devote 10 to 15 days in a month for hearing the case and dispose just 30 to 35 cases. Annual Report has not been published by the Commission since 2013.  

In view of it, thousands of RTI Activists under banner of Odisha  Soochana Adhikar Abhijan  will  hold mass demonstration in front of Odisha Legislative Assembly on  23.9.16 at 10.30 AM   demanding  immediate withdrawal of  the said Notification.  Rally will start from Ram Madir Square at 10 AM  and reach at 11 am at lower PMG.   We invite  all of you  to  join with us in demonstration in the greater interest of RTI in the state. .


Pradip Pradhan
State Convener

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