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RTI Activists sufferings due to nexus of Police and Criminals

RTI Activists continue to suffer due to nexus of Police and Criminals, exposed through RTI

RTI Activists who are recognised as Anti-Corruption Crusader throughout the country are always found vulnerable due to Criminal-Police nexus and indifferent attitude of the  corrupt administration  to ensure  their protection. A glaring example has been exposed through RTI how an RTI Activist is still suffering and moving from pillar to post to get justice.

On 27.8.15, Sri Binayak Rath, a retired Govt. employee who had been using RTI extensively to expose corruption in Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC)   since 2008 after his retirement, was attacked, mercilessly beaten up by a group of criminals in the office of BMC, while he was on his way to appear  in the hearing of first appeal petition.  He fell unconscious and hospitalised later on and got physically recovered after one month treatment and remained bed-ridden for months together.   After receiving written report from Binayak Rath, the police registered the case on same day with Case No. 214 dated 27.8.15 u/s -341/325/307/506/34 IPC.       Though six months passed, the Police has not taken any steps to arrest the  culprits.

RTI Application dated 2.1.16 was filed to the Public Information Officer, Office of Badagada Police Station, Bhubaneswar  seeking  information about  details of  enquiry conducted so far  to arrest  the culprits involved in attacking Sri Binayak Rath.  The Reply of the PIO is as follows.
1.      The Police have lodged case  against the following accused in connection with  attack  on Binayak  Rath.
a.      R.N.Mallick, Executive Engineer
b.      Kedar Parida, Junior Assistant
c.       Suvadarshi Das-D.L.R.
d.      Trinath Maharana, Junior Assistance
e.      Amiya Mohanty
f.        Bhabani Satapathy- Daptari
g.      Kahnu Samantaray, Head Assistance
h.      Bijay Das, Market Supervisor
i.        Gayadhar Swain ad other two unknown accused persons
2.      Kailash Ch. Bhoi, S.I.  of Badagada Police Station  has taken investigation of the case.
3.      Now the case is still under investigation.
4.      No accused person  has been arrested  till today by the police

1.      All accused persons are  very well-known in Bhubaneswar.  But  the police has not tried to  arrest  them.
2.      Gayadhar Swain is known criminal  and closely connected  with Ruling class. Two days back, he   had masterminded  attack of  journalist in a press meet  and got arrested  after  protest by Journalists and got bail on same day due to support extended by the police.
3.      The unholy alliance of the police and criminal is exposed  ad proved true.     

Pradip Pradhan
Date- 4.2.16

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