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Mal-functioning of Odisha Child Rights Commission

Civil Society Groups urged to Governor to enquire into Mal-functioning of Odisha Child Rights Commission acting as Broker of Private Schools and initiate legal action against them

On 19.2.16, Members of Civil Society Groups working for protection of Child Rights in Odisha submitted memorandum to Governor, Odisha demanding inquiry into alleged unholy alliance of Odisha Child Rights Commission with Private English-medium School to destroy the academic career of Children.

In the memorandum, it has been alleged that  though section 13,14, and 15 of the Commissions for Protection of Child Rights Act, 2005 empowers the Commission to enquire into violation of child rights suo noto or inquire into complaint  relating to deprivation, torture and non-implementation  of  laws  providing  for protection  and development  of the  children and initiate proceedings accordingly, Odisha Child Rights Commission remained as mute spectator  and utterly failed to discharge their duties  in a complaint case filed  with regard to deprivation of a student of Class-IX of Bhubaneswar Model School ( Takshila School)   to  get education. 

Srikant Auropratik,  a Class-9 student  was physically tortured, humiliated  and mentally harassed ( scolding and misbehaving) by the authority of  Takshashila Model School, IRC Village, Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar   and suddenly dropped  to  Class-VIII in the middle of the year  on the ground of bad performance. When the parents asked for Progress Report    of the child,  the authority of the school  continued to ignore their request. The parents were also threatened to take back to other schools without citing any ground. Though the parents appraised the authority that “no school was ready to take student in mid-session as CBSE registration has completed”, the authority remained adamant and asked the parents to take the children back.  Ultimately, Srikant Auropratik was humiliated and suffered from mental depression   and forced to leave the school on 29.10.15.

On 3.11.15, the Parents approached the Odisha Child Rights Commission by filling complaints levelling details of allegation, mental torture and harassment caused to their son and seeking quick justice for their child. Ms. Rajalaxmi Das, Member, OSCPCR   registered the case (Case No.-810/15 )  on 4.11.15 and initiated the enquiry.   Though 3 months passed, the Commission neither passed any interim direction nor any direction to the Private School. The academic career of the child got destroyed.

The Civil Society Groups have also alleged that due to nexus of the Commission with the School authority, Ms. Rajalaxmi Das tried to protect the school at the cost of the interest of the Child.  As the members of OSCPCR   have got appointment due to their close proximity with Ruling  political party, they are working at their behest, not as a statutory body to enforce right of the children.

It was clearly evident  during hearing of the case when the Commission refused to complainant-parents to entertain their representative to plead the case. But astonishingly, the Commission entertained  a number of representatives of the School to plead the case.

We are hopeful that Hon’ble Governor, Odisha will no doubt give justice to us.

Pradip Pradhan                                               Date- 20.2.16

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