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False and Misleading Info by Achyut Samant

False and Misleading Information by Sri Achyut Samant, Founder of KISS about KISS in Odisha being granted first Special Consultative Status by UN

Appeal to the people of Odisha not to be misguided by this false propaganda.

On 29.8.15, There was half-page advertisement  in almost all leading Odia daily newspaper released by Sri Achyut Samant, Founder of KISS and KIIT about a Special Consultative Status granted to Kalinga Institute of  Social Science ( KISS) by Economic and Social Council  of  United Nations in its meeting held in New York  on July 2015. It has also been mentioned in the advertisement that KISS is the first Non-Government in Odisha to get this recognition. In fact, this is false and misleading. 

It is needless to mention here that  that  this advertisement  was released at a time  when 28 Social Action Groups  were  conducting Press Meet  at Lohia Academy on 28.7.15 to share their  plan of Action  to oppose  visit of Hon’ble President of India and Chief Justice of India to KIIT, an Institution which stands infamous for illegal land grabbing in Bhubaneswar, capital of Odisha. Sri Achyut Samant, Founder of KISS and KIIT, as termed by CAG is a habitual encroacher in Bhubaneswar  and grabbed  around 100 acres of land by adopting all fraudulent means  in  connivance with corrupt  bureaucracy.   

Let us come to the real issue. The Special Consultative Status is granted by UN Economic and Social Council to various Non-Government Organisations for their outstanding work in their respective fields. UN body followed its own procedure granting this status to the NGOs working in different countries. It is wrong to say that KISS, the first NGO of Odisha   was granted this Special Consultative Status by UN. Many leading NGOs of Odisha have already been granted this status since last few years. For example, VIKASH, one of the leading NGOs of Odisha was granted this Special Status on 16th August 2008.   Its founder Sri Ashok Nanda, a leading NGO leader has taken a lot of pain staking effort to achieve this Status.

Presently, this status is generally granted to many organisations working across the globe. The UN has relaxed the stringent procedure in order to accommodate many organisations for consultation on different issues. It is not so important to get this status in the present day. The real objective   of releasing this advertisement by the Authority of KISS was to dilute the attention of the people from Civil Society expose about acres of land looted by KIIT /KISS and their opposition to the Visit of Rastrapatijee to KIIT. 

It is again needless to mention here that apprehending law and order situation due to Civil Society’s stubborn opposition and road blockade, Hon’ble President cancelled  his visit to KIIT  and  left  for Delhi on 7.8.15.

Pradip Pradhan, M-9937843482
Date- 09.08.15

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